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The Universal Blockchain Utility

Sequestrum is a truly universal application. Whether as a standalone repository for the storage of Copyright material or as a fully integrated blockchain portal, Sequestrum simplifies access to the blockchain, enabling it to be used for ‘Real World’ Solutions. It is agnostic in terms of both the applications it provides blockchain capabilities too, as well as the actual blockchain platform it is communicating with – providing real choice for our clients.

Sequestrum is a simple to use digital asset storage and tracking utility, providing a secure repository for storing assets within the blockchain, then providing the ability to monitor and report on activity relating to those assets. It is equally capable of running as a standalone service or integrated into client's business applications.

With use cases from music Copyright protection, immutable regulatory and Health & Safety reports to high speed trading transactions, Sequestrum is truly a universal application. Sequestrum assigns a unique fingerprint for each asset as it is stored in the form of a cryptographically secure hash. This hash is used to compare new uploads to assets already in the system and will identify where the proposed upload already exists. This is particularly useful when validating copyright ownership or proof of work. Sequestrum also provides a comprehensive search utility to identify specifics within stored assets, each asset or group of assets is stored in a Block, along with its relevant metadata.

The platform has undergone independent performance testing in conjunction with the National Physics Laboratory and the Toronto Stock Exchange, which used the Atomic Clock to timestamp each transaction. The testing showed the system had a capacity to deal with over 25 Billion transactions per day, or approximately 288,000 per second, compare this to Visa's Visanet system that typically processes 1,600-2000 transactions per second on average, it is easy to see that our platform is more than capable of supporting the most demanding of environments.


Efficiency Gain for Inspections

Up to 70% efficiency improvement for administration tasks around regulatory inspections.


Proof of Data & Status Existance

Prove the existence of data and its status at a given point in time.


Proof of Work & Workflow Process

Prove that a task was performed and that the correct workflow process followed.


Explore the key elements of Sequestrum below.

Proof of Existence

Proof of Existence

With Sequestrum, you can create entries to prove that data existed in a certain state at a certain time. From that point on, anyone with access to the data can verify it against the blockchain version. Future changes to the data will show up like a sore thumb and can be detected quickly.

Proof of work & Process

Creating cryptographic hashes within Sequestrum during each step of a mission-critical business process provides an irrefutable “proof of work”. Sensitive data itself is not stored on the blockchain. Instead, its hash proves the existence of such data. Sequestrum provides transparency in an otherwise opaque process. Utilising proof of process, maintenance and inspections and Health and Safety reports for regulated environments, can be logged on the Sequestrum blockchain for accountability.

Proof of Work & Process
Evidence Capture

Evidence Capture

The Sequestrum blockchain creates immutable evidence by publishing timestamped evidence of your data and documents, preventing costly disputes. Evidence is preserved permanently on the blockchain, ready to review whenever you need to prove validity. From proving Copyright ownerships to recording the movement of products in supply chain management Sequestrum allows you to record immutable evidence at each stage.

Data Governance

Data entered on the Sequestrum blockchain can never be altered or removed. Therefore, you have a foolproof record of everything that goes in and out of your system. Making it easy to manage who originated the data, when it was created and who has access to that data.

Data Governance

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